Daughter Uses Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint to Buy $250 Worth of Pokémon Stuff With iPhone

A mother in Arkansas recently found out that iPhone’s Touch ID may not really the most secure way to keep others from accessing her phone.
In fact, it cost her a significant amount of money after her 6-year-old daughter used her thumbprint while she was napping to unlock her phone,  the Wall Street Journal reported (via Gizmodo).
Bethany Howell’s daughter Ashlynd reportedly opened the Amazon app using her fingerprint without her knowledge to purchase several Pokémon items.  Ashlynd’s online shopping spree cost a total of $250 in Poké swag.
At first, Ashlynd’s shocked parents thought their account was hacked after receiving the 13 order confirmations for the Pokémon items. They also figured their daughter probably made the Pokémon purchases by accident. The real story eventually came out later after the daughter told the truth. 
“No, Mommy, I was shopping,” Ashlynd later admitted to her mom. “But don’t worry—everything that I ordered is coming straight to the house.”
While the Howells tried to cancel and return all the Pokémon stuff, Amazon reportedly agreed to accept only four of the 13 items Ashlynd ordered.
In the end, the couple just told their daughter that it will be Santa who will be giving her what she wanted for Christmas.
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