Daughter of Mother Mauled By Tiger at Chinese Safari Park Now Seeks $330,000 Over Death

Nearly 17 months after her mother died by the fangs of a Siberian tiger, a woman filed a petition demanding compensation from the safari park where the incident took place.

The woman, surnamed Zhao, is seeking 1.49 million yuan ($226,500) from Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing for failing to rescue her mother in the unfortunate event on July 23, 2016.

She also claimed that the park’s self-driving tour was flawed in design and therefore illegal, Xinhua reported. Such tours have since been banned.

A Beijing court started hearing the case filed by Zhao, her husband and grandfather on Dec. 19, 2017.

In the incident caught on video, Zhao can be seen darting out of their family car’s right front door before moving to stand on the other side. She is then attacked by a tiger from behind.

Zhao’s husband rushes in an attempt to save her.

Her mother, seated at the back, emerges to save her too, but is mauled and killed by another tiger. Their child was left in the safety of the backseat.

Zhao survived with critical injuries. For this reason, she is also seeking 690,000 yuan ($104,900) from the park.

Speaking to reporters, she claimed she signed an agreement not to exit their vehicle, but thought it was only some form of registration for entry.

She also denied earlier reports claiming that she left the car after an argument with her husband, who was in the driver’s seat. Instead, she said that she was feeling sick.

Initial investigations revealed that the park was not accountable. This angered Zhao, prompting her to file a petition.

The court’s verdict is expected at a later date.

Watch the chilling incident below:

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