Daughter of Korean American Woman Robbed in Garden Grove Turns to FaceBook For Help

A Korean American woman was robbed in Garden Grove on Wednesday, prompting her daughter, Henna Cho, to post about the incident on FaceBook in order to find the perpetrators.

“On 5/16/18, my mom got robbed and assaulted in the city of Garden Grove (magnolia and garden grove blvd).

“She had gone to the bank to deposit money and was running errands when a white car parked perpendicular to hers. They were 2 young Hispanic males that were involved. One guy approached my mom while she got out of the car and tried to take her purse. She tried to stop him, which then he dragged her towards the other car.. punching her on the left side of her face. They took her purse which had her wallet, id, phone, money.”

Netizens were angry and appalled that Cho’s mother was left in such a state, posting their comments on the image:

On Thursday, Cho updated her FaceBook post with the following message:

“** On 5/17/18 thank you so much for the support and love, our family really appreciate it. We recently got a video surveillance, which ggpd is looking into. 🤞🙏”

Cho is begging the general public to come forward with any information they may have.

“Any information, video surveillance in that area, or possible witnesses… please please please contact Garden Grove police department if anyone has any information 714-741-5704 ,
incident number 18028176″

Officials are still investigating, and the case is ongoing.

Featured Image via FaceBook / Henna Cho

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