MMA Fighter Blasted For Racist Video Mocking Random Japanese People as Dog Eaters

MMA Fighter Blasted For Racist Video Mocking Random Japanese People as Dog EatersMMA Fighter Blasted For Racist Video Mocking Random Japanese People as Dog Eaters
Mixed martial arts fighter Daron Cruickshank is being called out for mocking random Japanese people with the dog-eating stereotype in a video posted on his Instagram.
Cruickshank, who earns a living in Asia, is employed by RIZIN Fighting Federation, a Japanese MMA company.
In his controversial clip, re-uploaded by MMA apparel label Dynasty Clothing on its Facebook page, showed the MMA fighter inside a pet store which he dubbed a “Japanese meat market.”
 Referring to a group of Asians in his video, Cruickshank noted that they are “checking out what they’re gonna eat for dinner.”
“Yummy huh? Yummy?” he asked while laughing at the clueless onlookers.
Cruickshank then posted a link of the clip on Twitter, writing, “Ok, I recently learned that it’s not the Japanese that eat dog. It’s the Chinese… #funnyvideos #funnymemes…”
Responding to early criticisms from fans and fellow MMA fighters on social media, he brushed it off as “just a joke,” advising everyone to “relax.”
The joke, of course, is that they must be looking to eat the dogs because they are Asians.
Finding nothing funny about the whole thing, Dynasty Clothing berated Cruickshank for his juvenile stunt.
“Posting anti-Asian ‘jokes’ to mock Asians while ironically being employed by Asian companies and while fighting/working in Asia is moronic, shameful, and wrong.”
“For the record, if you travel anywhere in the world, different people from many different cultures including within Europe and Scandinavia also consume different animals such as dogs, cats, horses, whales, cows, seals, maggots, etc. – yet you won’t hear a single word about this in the media,” the post read.
“Just because western media loves to highlight what small groups of people in Asia like to consume, doesn’t mean all Asians consume the same thing,” it added.
The brand further noted how individuals like Cruickshank “contribute to the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes against Asians worldwide with his fanbase / online which should have no place in martial arts or the world.”
The post, which tagged ONE Championship owner Victor Cui and chairman Chatri Sityodtong, reminded Cruickshank how his career depended on the culture he is making fun of.
“Himself a practitioner of Asian martial arts, while employed by Asian MMA companies such as RIZIN Fighting Federation – Daron has forgotten that without Asian people or culture – he wouldn’t even have a career in the first place.”
Cruickshank has since deleted the video but has yet to apologize for his actions. 
Featured image via YouTube/daron cruickshank and Facebook/DynastyClothingStore
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