Producer of Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ Creates Dark Parody of Ash Ketchum After Pikachu’s Death

The Pokémon series takes a whole new – and very dark – path in this new parody trailer from Adi Shankar, the executive producer of Netflix’s “Castlevania,” titled “The End of Pokémon.”

“The End of Pokémon,” directed by Luis Pelayo Junquera and Enol Junquera, was animated by Angry Metal Studios, the studio that is also behind Shankar’s other “bootleg universe” entries, specifically for “The Punisher” and “Dredd,” according to Polygon. It was released by animation network Octopie.


In this latest entry into Shankar’s “bootleg universe,” Ash starts a revolution after realizing the violence hiding behind the curtain of Pokémon training and fighting when his best pal in the world, Pikachu, dies.

His newfound goal has drawn support from cult-like followers eager to turn everything upside down and target all trainers using their Pokémon to fight for them. But things begin to spiral out of control as his friend Brock gets attacked by these violent resistance members.

You can expect a lot of violence and gore in this reimagination of the Pokémon world. Whereas in the original version, monsters only faint when they lose their battles, here, they die a gruesome death – take for instance, what happened to Arbok when Team Rocket attacked Misty.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Octopie

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