‘Daredevil’ Actor Claims He Made as Little as $200 Per Day in Deleted Tweet

‘Daredevil’ Actor Claims He Made as Little as $200 Per Day in Deleted Tweet‘Daredevil’ Actor Claims He Made as Little as $200 Per Day in Deleted Tweet
Ryan General
September 17, 2020
Netflix’s “Daredevil” actor Peter Shinkoda alleged that the pay he received playing crime boss Nobu Yoshioka was ridiculously low.
Less than what extras make: Shinkoda took to Twitter to break down how much he reportedly earned while starring in nine episodes across two seasons of the popular superhero series, according to CBR.
  • “When I was offered [Daredevil] at $3,500/per ep as a local hire – I did the math. So I take $1,600 and change after commission and taxes…per ep. Some eps I worked 8 days on = $200/day. Less than extras!” the Japanese-Canadian actor wrote in a tweet that he has since deleted.
  • Casting directors had reportedly told him there wasn’t any money in the acting and he would make more going to comic book conventions.
  • Shinkoda recalled better experiences in show business in the late 90s when he worked in editing and post-production at Warner Bros. Pictures.
  • He noted that he faced hardships only after transitioning to acting. “Shit got bad when I segued 2 acting…while being Asian.”
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Take the money: Shinkoda’s post drew an assortment of feedback from Twitter users, including one advising him to “Take the money where you can get it.” 
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  • Surprised with the response, Shinkoda explained that he even paid for all expenses during “Daredevil” shoots, including his work permit, travel, room and board.
  • Shinkoda further noted the discrepancy in treatment he received compared to his co-stars.
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  • Another user who found the mistreatment and unequal pay on Shinkoda unjustified asked: “What was your agent doing? How is that even a union rate?” 
  • According to Shinkoda, his agents tried hard to negotiate for better pay but were turned down. 
  • They were told, “We’re overpaying with this rate! Scale for new media is much less.”
  • “I made ten times more on Falling Skies… per ep,” Shinkoda revealed. “That aired on Sunday nights in summertime in…some countries.”
  • Shinkoda starred as Dai in TNT’s 2011 science fiction series “Falling Skies.”
During a livestream hangout in July, Shinkoda called out Marvel Television chief Jeph Loeb for the anti-Asian remarks he made to justify cutting storylines for Asian characters in the show.
Loeb allegedly said, “Nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people,” Shinkoda recalled, according to Deadline.
Feature Image via @PeterShinkoda and Netflix
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