Teenager ‘Parties’ With Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Shows Off on Instagram

Teenager ‘Parties’ With Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Shows Off on Instagram
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
February 18, 2016
Any teenager would be envious upon glancing at the Instagram account of Dara Phung, who hangs out with A-list celebrities including Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid.
Dara Phung is the lucky 17-year-old pictured beside the famous singers and models shown on her account, @thefourthjonas. However, the San Francisco teenager says it could be anyone standing in between Kim Kardashian and Kanye or posing with T Swift at the People’s Choice Awards. Phung reveals that just about anybody with a smartphone and a few photo apps can photo edit themselves next to Hollywood celebs.
In fact, that is exactly what Phung does as a hobby. She revealed to the Daily Mail that it takes her approximately 10 minutes to edit any one of her photos. Phung said:
“I use my phone for all my editing. I don’t use my computer at all and I actually don’t use Photoshop either. I use a combination of apps like PicsArt, Enlight and Instagram to edit my photos.”
Phung taught herself to retouch and edit photos on her phone when she was 16. She said that it was mainly used as a prank on her classmates. The teenager recalled:
“I started editing myself with celebrities as a hobby as a joke for my friends. And to my surprise, they all believed that my photos were real!”
It’s hard to blame them because her photo editing skills are pretty fantastic. She started her Instagram account to keep all the pictures in one place online. Each photo typically takes less than 10 minutes, but Phung says some can take up to half an hour. Phung explained:
“When I alter an image, I need to take into account the perspective and colors of both myself, the celebrity and the background.”
“I like Photoshopping myself with celebrities who have large fanbases like the Kardashians. Lots of users who come on my page actually believe I’ve met the stars I edit myself with and have a good laugh when they realize it’s digitally altered.”
Her skills are so good that Phung has been receiving requests from people to edit them into celebrity pictures too.
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