Vietnamese Dad Praised for Being a Single Father Caught Abusing His Daughter in Public

A Vietnamese dad, who became a local social media darling for supposedly being an exemplary father in the face of poverty, has gone viral again — this time, for an entirely different reason.
Dao Duc Khiem, a 26-year-old single father, was recently caught on video publicly lashing his young daughter with a leather belt multiple times on a sidewalk in Hanoi, Daily Mail reported.
The footage was uploaded on social media last Saturday and was immediately shared multiple times by netizens, earning massive outrage since Khiem’s earlier viral video has attracted not only praise but also donations from those who were touched by his fatherly love.
The earlier videos depicted Khiem as a caring father who rummaged through trash bins at night with a toddler on his back. Khiem said his wife had left him after he got swindled by a partner of all his money.
In the new clip, Khiem was shown whipping the crying girl’s body and head, with complete disregard if the lashings would cause any permanent effect. The daughter, who seems to be around five years old, was very obviously in pain during the ordeal.
“I brought you into this life so I can take you out,” he was heard screaming at the child.
Khiem then noticed a woman filming the scene, who also questioned his form of child discipline.
“No one has the f*cking right to tell me how to educate my children,” he replied after sitting down to continue feeding the kids.
According to Pham Thi Hai Ha, deputy head of the child care and protection department under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, the beating is “cruel,” and expressed she plans to place the children in a government care center to protect them.
Both the police and the local child protection officers are now looking for Khiem, who has since gone into hiding.
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