Dante Chen is the first Singaporean to ever wrestle in a WWE match

Dante Chen, whose real name is Sean Tan, is the first Singaporean to wrestle in  a WWE match. 

A star is born: Tan, 25, made his WWE debut on Sept. 21 when he beat his opponent Trey Baxter, subsequently making him the first Singaporean wrestler to not only be a part of the WWE stable but also the first Singaporean to win a WWE match, according to Channel News Asia

  • Tan walked onto the stage wearing a silver mask and red robe, with the announcer exclaiming, “His [Baxter’s] opponent from Singapore, weighing in at 215 pounds, Dante Chen.”
  • The match between Baxter and Tan lasted less than a minute, leaving Tan victorious.

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  • He was one of 40 wrestlers that were invited to tryouts in Shanghai and was able to land a contract in July with WWE NXT, which is a program featuring the next generation of WWE stars. He started training in Orlando with two other Chinese athletes in the WWE Performance Center, Mothership reported.
  • Before becoming “Dante Chen,” Tan was using the stage name “Trexxus” in Singapore. He started wrestling in 2012 and won the SPW Southeast Asian Championship in 2017.

Representation: Social media users took to Twitter to express their pride in the first Singaporean competitor to be a part of the WWE. 

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Featured Image via WWE

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