Daniel Wu Sparks Instagram Thirst With His Genital Hand Sanitizer Post

Daniel Wu

Daniel Wu had everyone making thirsty comments and rolling on the floor laughing with his Instagram post involving his sex life, a hand sanitizer and genitals.

The 45-year-old hunky Hong Kong American actor posted an image on his Instagram last month showing a bottle of hand sanitizer with a label that reads: “Maybe you touched your genitals,” according to AsiaOne.

“Hand sanitizer has become a rare commodity these days. We were able to find this on Amazon,” Wu said in the caption. “It should work right?”

“But honestly being married for almost ten years, I would say my genitals are probably the cleanest part of my body so why would I need to sanitize after touching them?” Wu added.

The last part of his caption raised some questions with one of his followers asking “how does marriage = genital cleanliness?”

Wu then dropped a three-word reply, saying, “lack of use.”

One person pointed out the reality of married life while another suggested using lotion instead of a hand gel.


Others also left thirsty messages in the thread.

Wu has been married to international model Lisa Selesner for 10 years and they have a 6-year-old daughter named Raven.

Images via @thatdanielwu

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