Daniel Wu Almost Dies After His Appendix Ruptures

Daniel Wu Almost Dies After His Appendix RupturesDaniel Wu Almost Dies After His Appendix Ruptures
“Into the Badlands” actor Daniel Wu had a close call with death after his appendix ruptured, he revealed last week.
Wu began vomiting after dinner one night, and believed it was just food poisoning, according to AsiaOne.
A doctor prescribed him medication for gastroenteritis the next day, but his condition did not improve.
“I was in a lot of pain. It felt like someone was kicking me in my crotch every 10 minutes!” Wu described.
His sister took him to the hospital, where a CT scan revealed his appendix was so inflamed that it ruptured.
Wu was taken to surgery immediately to treat his appendicitis.
Due to how swollen Wu’s appendix was, the doctor was unable to remove it entirely because other organs could have been damaged in the process. Wu’s intestines were cleared and was given an anti-inflammatory drip for a week.
“My doctor said that he had never seen such a serious condition since doing this kind of surgery for 10 years. He said I would have died if I waited another day,” Wu said.
However, since the appendix was not removed completely, there is a small chance of relapse. Wu’s condition is being closely monitored by doctors.
Featured image via Instagram / thedanielwu
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