K-Pop Fans Apparently Broke Instagram After Kang Daniel Made a New Account

Daniel Kang, the K-pop idol holding the Guinness World Record for “Fastest Time to Gain 1 Million Followers on Instagram,” has created a new account on the platform.

The former Wanna One center opened his own page this week following a widely-reported dispute with his management, LM Entertainment, regarding certain terms in their exclusive contract.


In a fan club post, Kang claimed that his management had denied him ownership of his social media accounts despite his persistent requests.

Meanwhile, LM Entertainment debunked rumors claiming that Kang had asked to terminate his contract and described the actual issue as “a misunderstanding between the agency and the artist,” Pulse News reported.

Daniel Kang’s new Instagram account. Image: Screenshot via Instagram / @daniel.k.here

As a result, Kang, who has been vocal about connecting to fans, launched his personal Instagram account (@daniel.k.here) on Monday.

“Hello. It’s been so long,” the 22-year-old idol wrote on his first post.

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Hello. It’s been so long.

A post shared by 강다니엘 Daniel K. (@daniel.k.here) on

In January, Kang set a Guinness World Record for “Fastest Time to Gain 1 Million Followers on Instagram” after beating the Pope by 24 minutes.

The account, which goes by the handle @thisisdaniel_k, has 2.7 million followers as of this writing.

Image: Screenshot via Instagram / @thisisdaniel_k

Unfortunately, Kang failed to beat his own record as his new account remains short of over 500,000 followers a day later.

However, fans claimed that they were unable to follow the idol despite repeated attempts, blaming Instagram for the bug.

The exact reason for the supposed glitch is unclear, but Twitter user @seattledaniel_k offered an explanation to appease other fans.

According to @seattledaniel_k, those who managed to follow Kang should log out of their accounts so others can follow him.

Thankfully, the issue has since been fixed.

Featured Images via YouTube / Kang Daniel Official (Left) and Instagram / @daniel.k.here (Right)

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