Dance Group The Kinjaz Provides Undeniable Proof that Asian Men Can Be Sexy

Dance Group The Kinjaz Provides Undeniable Proof that Asian Men Can Be Sexy

July 27, 2017
If you haven’t seen a dance routine by The Kinjaz yet, you’re missing out.
The Kinjaz are an Asian-American dance group based in Los Angeles, comprised of 30+ members from all over California. They’ve been choreographing dance routines since 2010, with their more recent performances on “World of Dance” gaining notoriety for their unique visuals and perfect synchronization.
Their signature style of mixing hip-hop/b-boy dance moves with Asian cultural themes has wowed crowds this year, and they’re slowly but surely making their way to the top after each week’s stellar performance.
During the “Cut Round”, the Kinjaz decided to switch it up a bit for the judges, performing a more sensually charged routine to Usher’s “No Limit”. Viewers were stunned by the performance (that handkerchief move was straight up M-A-G-I-C), but there was more to the moves than just incredible choreography.
One of the members, Vinh Nguyen, posted a clip of the dance and why they chose to do it.

Nguyen says of the routine: “We actually created this routine to challenge the stigmas on how Asian men aren’t portrayed as ‘sexy’ in the mainstream media. Bummed that more commentary didn’t make it on national TV, but we wanted to still be able to start conversation about the issue. More insight to come… but for now, enjoy our rendition of @usher No Limit. Don’t be limited by the restrictions society or ANYONE puts on you. Rise above. You create your own circumstance.”
Anthony Lee spoke with NextShark and expounded on Nguyen’s statement. “On a micro level, Usher delivers a really sexy track off top – when you hear it, you already get those vibes. Secondly, the wordplay of “no limit” reinforces the idea that there are no limitations to what anybody can or can’t be, thus destroying the concept of stereotypes in general. But if we scale back to more of a macro understanding, then it’s not even just about Asians being sexy, it’s about the idea of other people putting on concepts or perspectives of anyone, whether it be a minority or even a majority; taking that outside of that situation and letting everybody be whatever it is they’re capable of being or want to be.”
The Kinjaz continue to push the envelope during this season’s “World of Dance”, and we hope to see more of them as the weeks go by — they are the (dance) God(s)!
Check out The Kinjaz site here, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram here.
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