They Went to Japan to Film a Racist ‘Kidnapping Prank’ Video

They Went to Japan to Film a Racist ‘Kidnapping Prank’ VideoThey Went to Japan to Film a Racist ‘Kidnapping Prank’ Video
Many netizens became furious after a supposed kidnapping prank video shot by YouTuber duo Nick and Dan in Japan was unearthed online amid the Logan Paul scandal.
However, both incidents happened separately and are not related.
The clip by Dan Rue and Nick Joseph, posted on Sept. 4, 2017, shows the American YouTubers walking down a street and what appears to be a marketplace as Nick makes offensive commentaries behind the camera, poking fun at the Japanese language.
Dan walks up to a seafood market stall, takes out two live lobsters, and plays with them as Nick continues to give commentaries.
In the next stunt, Dan can be seen walking up behind a mother and daughter walking down the street when he suddenly picks up the girl and runs in the opposite direction. The mother then tries to pursue Dan to get her daughter back, but the video ends abruptly.
The video has infuriated many Japanese netizens, prompting them to leave comments like, “Don’t ever step foot in Japan again.” Below are other comments translated by SoraNews24:
“It would have been perfect if we’d remained an isolated country.”
“That’s clearly a criminal offence. You’re the same as that Logan Paul.”
“How long do you think Japanese people can tolerate such things for?”
“This is the reason why some Japanese hate foreigners. Not only did he play with a shop’s goods, he also tried to kidnap a child. To all the viewers who subscribe to his channel, who thinks it’s funny and who have no manners at all, please don’t ever come to Japan.”
Following the severe backlash, Rue took to Twitter to address the situation on Jan. 10 by saying that the kidnapping was all staged, with the approval given by both the mother and child. He further stated that the family was “clearly laughing,” and had to edit out the little girl’s laugh at the end of the clip.
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