YouTubers Band Together for an Epic ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Music Video

The official full length trailer for the much awaited film adaptation of “Crazy Rich Asians” is out, prompting Asian-American rapper Dan aka Dan featuring Bea Go made a rap music video inspired by the movie.

The song, which is from Dan aka Dan’s album “Escape from L.A.,” features alternate verses of soft hook and intense rap. It was directed by Charles Gray.

Its music video is set in a dining room where all the rich, sophisticated guests of high status gather, pretty much the premise of the upcoming movie from the novel of Kevin Kwan of the same title.

Just like the film, Dan aka Dan’s music video stars many artist from the Asian-American community. The cast who appears in the clip is as follows: Jun Sung Ahn, Mike Bow, Wesley Chan, Melody Cheng, Ami Park, Caroline Seon, Eric Wang, Janet Wang, Philip Wang, Helen Wu, Taylor Chan, David Choi, Sophia Chang, Quinn Knox, Michael Kuya, Paula Le, and Asian-American actress Jessika Van playing as the lead role opposite of Dan aka Dan.

Check out the music video below:

Images via YouTube / DANakaDAN

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