Nail Technician Brutally Beaten By Man Who Followed Her Off Train in Dallas

Nail Technician Brutally Beaten By Man Who Followed Her Off Train in DallasNail Technician Brutally Beaten By Man Who Followed Her Off Train in Dallas
Editor’s Note: This article has been updated with comments from Liên (@naillien.lopeezy).
A nail technician recently took to Instagram to share images of the injuries she sustained from an alleged attack while riding a train in Dallas last week. 
In a recent post, an Instagram user who goes by Liên (@naillien.lopeezy) explained how a fellow train passenger reportedly punched her and spat at her after she declined to lend him her cell phone at around 7 p.m. on Feb. 10. 
According to Liên, the man asked other passengers if he could use their phones before he approached her. 
After she ignored the man’s request, he allegedly slapped her arm to get her attention.
“I told him he can’t use my phone and that he didn’t need to put his hands on me,” she wrote in her post’s caption. “He proceeded to spit on me and swung at me three or four times.”
Another passenger intervened to stop the man from hurting Liên further. Enraged, Liên started screaming at her attacker, asking how he would feel if that happened to his mother or sister.
She then punched him and tased him before being pulled away by a fellow passenger. Liên’s attacker reportedly begged her not to call the police. 
She got off the train by pressing an emergency button, but her attacker followed her. When she started calling 911, the man “punched her into a ticket machine” and fled the scene.
“I will be losing my two front teeth because of the assault and will be needing a few procedures to get it repaired. I sprained my ankle in the fall,” Liên shared.
She also mentioned that she and her husband were infected with COVID-19 twice last year, and she will be out of work for a while again to recover from her injuries.  
For anyone interested in sending over financial help to Liên and her husband, details can be found on her Instagram post.
Some commenters asked for descriptions of her attacker, including his race. However, Liên declined to provide such details because she felt it had no relevance. 
“The man attacked me because I told him not to put his hands on me,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. “… I only saw how desperate his eyes looked when he begged for me not to call the cops. I was more concerned on not passing out. I didn’t want to know that would’ve happened if I passed out.”
Liên told NextShark that a police investigation did not start until a week after the attack.
“They claim that they may not be able to get the surveillance footage,” she said. “They had the wrong address down (I haven’t lived there in over five years) and claimed it was probably on the ID I gave the officer, which I know to be false.”
Liên also criticized Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for lack of security during the incident.
NextShark reached out to the Dallas Police Department and DART for further comment. We will update this article accordingly.
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Feature Image via Naillien.Lopeezy
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