Chef cat shares how to make ‘Squid Game’-inspired dalgona candy

Chef cat shares how to make ‘Squid Game’-inspired dalgona candyChef cat shares how to make ‘Squid Game’-inspired dalgona candy
Michelle De Pacina
October 6, 2021
A “chef” cat, who goes by the Instagram handle
Chef Cat’s dalgona candy: On Sept. 25, Puff, the chef cat, shared his tutorial on Instagram with the caption, “Been obsessive with this new Netflix series” along with a laughing emoji. 
  • The video starts with Puff watching a clip from the third episode of “Squid Game” where the players sculpt their chosen shape out of the candy. The cat then goes on to demonstrate how the candy is made. 
  • Puff adds sugar to a ladle and melts it over a stove. In the melted sugar, he adds a pinch of baking soda and mixes it until it turns to a light caramel -color. 
  • The chef cat then pours the mixture, flattens the candy and presses cookie cutters on them to form different outlines. 
  • As seen on the video, Puff finishes with four shapes stamped to the candies: an umbrella, a heart, a snowflake, and, to the surprise of many, a penis.
 Reactions: The Instagram video has received over 255,000 likes and has also prompted people to post various comments.
  • While there were users who expressed their love for Puff’s recipe and the show “Squid Game,” many specifically reacted to one detail of the video: the penis-shaped outline on a dalgona candy.
  • The most popular comment, with over 6,000 likes, by @kusmithefloof stated, “But wait is that…” with the eggplant emoji and a laughing emoji.  
  • Another user commented, “WHAT COOKIE OUTLINE WAS THAT????” 
Featured Image via @thatlittlepuff
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