‘Do we all look alike?’: Daily Mail draws backlash after confusing Rep. Grace Meng’s family with another Asian family

Daily Mail mistook Asian family as Rep. Grace Meng

On Thursday, Congresswoman Grace Meng (D-Queens) called out Daily Mail on Twitter for using a photo of her and her family in an article about a different Asian American family.

Wrong Asians: Meng’s picture, which showed her husband and two sons, somehow ended up as the main photo in a Daily Mail story that involved a Korean American man and his kids allegedly getting racially harassed by a white couple.

  • Meng tweeted a screenshot of the article and asked for the publication to correct the image.
  • Daily Mail has since removed Meng’s photo from the article.
  • Twitter users blasted the online publication for not being able to tell Asians apart.

Man in the story: Michael Kim, a 42-year-old single father, and his two sons, who are 9 and 5 years old, were on the receiving end of an alleged racist verbal attack while on vacation in New York’s Fire Island on Aug. 18, which NextShark previously reported on.

@sporock##Fireisland isn’t for ##Asian people according to ##Ken and ##Karen ##racism♬ original sound – sporock

  • According to Kim, the couple intervened after he scolded his sons, which resulted in a verbal argument.
  • The woman allegedly flagged down a Public Safety vehicle and accused Kim of abusing his children.
  • “My older son immediately told the officer that the allegation was completely untrue,” Kim said. “The public safety officer drove away without taking any action — because there was no reason to.”
  • The woman allegedly continued to condemn Kim and even tried inviting passersby to join her in doing so.
  • Kim, who is Korean American, said he began filming when the man started making racially charged statements, such as “This isn’t China.”
  • In the video he posted on social media, Kim can be heard telling the couple to leave them alone.
  • Meng’s connection to the incident is that she shared Kim’s video on Twitter and commented on the incident on Aug. 22.

Featured Image via USA Today

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