Cute School Girl Enters Shower Room, Comes Out Transformed Into an Adult Man

In the world of cosplay, cute Asian teenage girls who would later turn out to be full grown men are nothing new.

Men, usually a bit effeminate in appearance to begin with, would often gain thousands of otaku followers because their makeup and costumes are convincing enough to be mistaken for real girls.

Some of these admirers, however, end up surprised or heartbroken after these “idols” eventually reveal themselves as “men in crossplay” (cosplay in which the person dresses up as a character of a different gender).

Recently, a Japanese crossplayer caused a stir on Twitter after he posted some before and after photos of his crossplay, revealing what’s behind the adorable character he portrays when in full makeup and costume.

Twitter user @1293Maron, showed a couple of photos of himself with full makeup on and after a good hot bath.

The post-shower photos surprisingly revealed an actual manly dude. He even has some facial hair, too.

Interestingly, his revelation did not upset his fans and instead impressed most of the netizens, with some even asking some makeup and skin care tips, according to Sora News 24

Commenters, however, were split on one thing — which version of @1293Mason they found more attractive. Either way, it seems @1293Mason won’t mind. 

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