Customer Goes Berserk After Waiting 30 Minutes For His Wonton Noodles

Customer Goes Berserk After Waiting 30 Minutes For His Wonton Noodles

November 2, 2016
A customer who got impatient waiting for his order of wanton egg noodles decided to wreak havoc at a food stall in Singapore, late Monday evening.
The 54-year old man reportedly began smashing the noodle shop in North Bridge Road Food Center with a beer bottle after waiting 30 minutes for his wanton mee order,  Shin Min Daily News reported (via the Straits Times.)
According to the female stall owner, identified only with her surname Ye, the man ordered the meal for takeaway but due to a long queue, he had to wait longer. After half an hour of waiting, however, the man grew impatient and began threatening the owner. The customer was quoted as saying, “Do you want to give me my wanton mee? If not I will show you! (sic)”
When the 65-year-old shop owner, identified as Ms. Ye, explained to the man that two other customers were still waiting ahead of him, he allegedly used a beer bottle to violently smash the stall’s glass display, shattering it to pieces.
Ye said she immediately called the local authorities to report the man who appeared to be intoxicated. “When he tried to leave later, I followed him and tried to prevent him from escaping,” Ye told reporters.
A soya bean vendor at the food market tried to intervene but the man turned his ire on her and got beat up instead, leaving her with a swollen face. The man allegedly punched the seller on the face and then hit her again after she fell. An ambulance from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) later brought her to a local hospital where she was discharged the following day. 
The man who caused the violent ruckus was arrested near the location of the incident. The police are currently investigating the incident.
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