Video: Angry customer douses two men with boba drink because they could not deliver it to her doorstep

customer throws boba drink at delivery man and security guard

An enraged Chinese woman threw bubble tea onto a delivery man and security guard when they could not bring the drink directly to her apartment door. 

The incident: A woman in a white shirt and black bucket hat can be seen yelling at a delivery man and a security guard before throwing her bubble tea order at them in a now-viral Facebook video

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  • According to AsiaOne, the customer from China reportedly told the rider to deliver the drink to her doorstep at around 8 p.m. on Nov. 26. 
  • Due to the building’s Covid-19 safety measures, the security guard did not permit the delivery man to do so. The woman remained infuriated even after hearing the explanation of the guard. 
  • The video, which has received more than 171,000 views and over 2,700 shares as of this writing, was posted on Nov. 27 by Michael Cheang, who works in the M-Forces Security company. Cheang wrote in the caption: “The woman ‘advised’ the security staff to punish the delivery rider. After that, she became very angry and said she had never had this problem before in other countries, including China, and asked ‘Why is Malaysia so terrible?’”
  • According to the World of Buzz’s translation of the original post, Cheang praised the delivery man and the security guard for remaining calm. He also wished for the public to treat all frontline workers with kindness. 
  • “I would like to pay tribute to the security staff of M-Forces Security!” he said. “While facing such hot-tempered and arrogant residents, they showed professionalism to calmly deal with it and remained [in] their positions and responsibilities. I am proud of them!”

Featured Image via Michael Cheang

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