South Asians Hijacked Azealia Banks’ Racist Slurs and Shut Them Down in the Best Way

Countless women have taken to Twitter to declare that they are proud “curry scented bitches” after rapper Azealia Banks accused former One Direction member Zayn Malik of copying her ideas and attacked him with various homophobic and racial slurs.

When Banks saw Malik’s new music video “Like I Would,” she believed there was a striking resemblance between his outfit and the one she wore in her “Yung Rapunxel” music video. Zayn responded with tweets that appeared to be directed at Banks.

That’s when she blew her top and angrily tweeted racist and homophobic insults back at Malik, who is British Pakistani. She attempted to use Punjab, a term referring to people from Punjab, India, as an insult.

YouTube comedian Jasmeet Sweetu-Boy, who is originally from India, shot back at Banks:

Her “curry scented bitch” insult, however, caught the attention of many Desi women who flocked to Twitter to respond with the hashtag #curryscentedbitch:

Clearly, it has never been more beautiful to be a “curry scented bitch”.

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