Singapore Restaurant Has the Audacity to Sell $17 Cup Noodles With Lobster

A restaurant in Singapore just started selling Japanese instant noodles topped with an egg and some lobster for 22 Singapore dollars ($16.78).

Hana Restaurant, which brands itself as serving “modern fusion Japanese cuisine,” is making the dish out of Nissin cup noodles, which normally for a tiny fraction of that price.

Image via Instagram / hanarestaurantsg

The restaurant’s “overflowing” range also serves the noodles with chicken and chili crab for $18 Singapore dollars ($13.73).

Image via Facebook / Hana Restaurant

Hana, located in Singapore’s Orchard Road, is believed to be catering to diners of a higher socioeconomic status (SES).

Netizens could not believe the audicity of charging so much for a “cup noodle” dish:

If you’ve got that kind of money to throw away, it might be wiser to spend it on healthier food.

Featured Images via Facebook / Hana Restaurant (Left), Instagram / hanarestaurantsg (Right)

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