Street Sweeper in Mongolia Who Busts His Ass For $220 Will Make You Appreciate Life

A widower withstands extreme cold temperature to be able to pay off his late wife’s debts.

Cui Yubo works as a street sweeper in the northernmost Inner Mongolia. While many people complain about their 9-5 desk jobs, you won’t hear this widower make a fuss despite working in freezing temperature.


The hardworking man braves each day and shovels garbage on snow-covered streets at minus 38 degrees Celsius.  Now, that is some serious work dedication given the fact that he only takes home $220 per month.


But Yubo has a reason greater than the discomfort of his present job. Shanghaiist reported that the diligent man is working hard to pay off the massive amount of debt his wife left after she passed away last year. He has been trying to pay off friends and relatives for medical expenses they accumulated because of his wife’s illness.


His story has touched the hearts of netizens and many agreed that Yubo should be paid more for what he does.

“Life is not easy,” one user said.


Yes, life can oftentimes be hard and unfair, but Yubo’s story really makes you think that while life may be harder for other people, do you see them giving up?

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