Crowded Train Takes Off with Chinese Woman’s Baby Still Inside

Crowded Train Takes Off with Chinese Woman’s Baby Still Inside
Ryan General
By Ryan General
April 24, 2017
A Chinese woman experienced a full on mom-nightmare when a packed train’s doors closed on her as she got off, taking a stroller with her baby inside along with it.
A distressing video emerged on Chinese social media featuring a mother who got separated from her child during rush hour at a subway station in Nanning on April 16.
Fortunately, she was able to pick up her baby unharmed at the train’s next stop, according to Daily Mail. The baby appeared to be only a few months old.  
The station’s surveillance footage showed the mom in an apparent state of confusion after the train’s doors closed on her way out, separating her from her infant who was in a stroller.
In the clip, the woman was seen struggling to exit to the station platform as other passengers try to get off and on the train. While she was able to get off, the stroller was left inside the train as the doors closed too quickly for the worried parent. The woman tried to remain calm, deciding to what to do next as the train sped away to the next station.
Concerned passengers looked after the child and waited for the woman to retrieve her child from the next station. It turns out, a police officer was among the passengers. The officer assisted in reuniting the temporarily separated parent and child.
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