Crossplayers Offer Pervs to Grab Their ‘Boobs’ at Conventions

Crossplayers Offer Pervs to Grab Their ‘Boobs’ at Conventions

May 25, 2018
In a bid to spare female cosplayers of potential harassment, two pretty Japanese cosplayers are offering up themselves to perverts who frequent anime/manga conventions.
There is only one catch: The offer comes from a pair of male crossplayers — your typical cosplayers who just choose to dress up as a character of a different gender.
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According to SoraNews24, Twitter users ALL_SSR and futa_free are taking a stand against shameless gropers as unwanted touchings remain to be a constant problem for many female cosplayers worldwide.
In their tweet that has since gone viral, the pair made an “appeal” that instead of touching female cosplayers inappropriately, those who can’t control themselves should just try grabbing the crossplayers’ breasts.  
“Seriously, no matter how exposed a female cosplayer is, she, like many others, is not ‘that kind of girl’. Groping and molesting women is wrong. If you really want to touch somebody’s boobs, come see us! We’ll let you cop a little feel. Just a little. During the event only ♥” ALL_SSR wrote.
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Their unusual but well-received offer came with an adorable photo of the gentlemen in full makeup, dressed in their anime-themed garb.
Aside from the cute little animal ears, they are also sporting some serious muscle, which may keep some pervs from taking up on their offer.
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Netizens appreciated the gentlemanly gesture the pair is trying to express in their tweet which has been liked and retweeted over 100,000 times.
“Your way of thinking is the best! And you being pretty is the cherry on top!” an impressed Twitter user wrote.
Some female users also expressed that they are keen on taking up the offer.  
“I don’t think any men will touch your breasts once they see your muscles…But if I touch them I might ascend to heaven!” one suggested.
“Seriously?? Can I give them a squeeze?” another one wrote.
“I’d rather touch your abs than your boobs…lol,” joked a user.
“All-kun you are so cute!! Please let me touch your breasts!” volunteered one netizen.
“Really? You’ll get people’s hopes up if you aren’t careful…” another Twitter user wrote.
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According to user ALL_SSR, he did not expect that his tweet would get the attention it got now. And while the two of them felt a bit embarrassed about offering their breasts to the Internet, the weight-lifting makeup enthusiast said they’re happy that their message reached many people around the world.
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Featured image via Twitter / ALL_SSR
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