Cross-Dressing Japanese Boy Goes Viral After Bro ‘Blackmails’ Him for a Date

Cross-Dressing Japanese Boy Goes Viral After Bro ‘Blackmails’ Him for a DateCross-Dressing Japanese Boy Goes Viral After Bro ‘Blackmails’ Him for a Date
Ryan General
November 27, 2017
Twitter user @Elmon_0715 is an androgynous teenage boy from Japan who occasionally dresses up as a girl and posts adorable photos of himself on social media.
The 17-year-old pulls off crossdressing pretty well that some netizens would often mistake him for an actual high school girl. Even some of his female followers express a bit of envy over how effortless he can turn on the charms when he gets into character.
While he kept his hobby a secret from his close friends, it did not take long until one of his buddies came across one of his “girly” photos online. According to SoraNews24, the friend actually surprised @Elmon_0715 when he received a message from him via the popular messaging app Line.
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Here’s how their conversation went:
*Uploads image*
“That’s you right?”
“Huh? What’s this all of a sudden?”
“I mean if you look at the room, that’s your home.”
“Are you serious?”
“I’m sorry.”
“You find it revolting?”
“I’ll be honest.”
“Okay, what is it?”
“If you go out with me, I’ll keep my mouth shut.”
When he posted the Line exchange on his Twitter page, it immediately went viral, with many netizens intrigued and amused by the fascinating turn of events. His followers even ballooned from 4,000 to over 51,000 just a few days after his tweet was widely shared. One follower even came up with a manga depicting their Line episode.
Since @Elmon_0715 did not reveal what actually came out of the exchange, his fans can only speculate what eventually transpired between them.
“This story has suddenly taken an interesting turn,” one Twitter user reacted.
“I think he’s testing the waters,” one mused.
“What’s this? I wish you two happiness,” wrote another.
“Woah Woah slow down! Do not go down the forbidden path,” warned one follower.
While cross-dressing as girls and wearing makeup have become a growing trend among high school boys in Japan, the particular culture known as the otokonoko does not particularly correspond to a specific sexual or gender identity.
Associated with otaku culture, the concept of otokonoko is more commonly practiced as a form of cosplay of female fictional characters by men in Japan.
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