This Woman Just Fixed One of the Most Annoying Things About Using Disposable Chopsticks

Earlier this month, an image surfaced online alleging that the thick part of those disposable chopsticks has been a detachable piece to rest your chopsticks on all along. The image went viral online and everyone’s minds were blown.

Unfortunately, the image was too good to be true. The chopsticks in the image were actually a prototype designed for an international contest held by Japanese company MUJI. So it has yet to be a reality, until now.

Inventor Mylen Yamamoto, 28,  has created Cropsticks, a line of disposable chopsticks that not only serves the environment, but offers the detachable end to rest your utensils on as you eat.

“We make our products out of bamboo in an effort to prevent deforestation.” the website reads. “Our mission is to leave behind a greener environment for future generations.”

Yamamoto has been working on her project since April 2015. In light of the recent photo that went viral, Yamamoto, who has a patent pending on her invention thought it would be the perfect time to launch her product to the world.

“After seeing the photo I went through denial, anger, acceptance and inspiration in a matter of 5 minutes.” Yamaoto told NextShark. “Then I called my co-founder Jay Chang on the phone and said, dude, we need to launch now. That meme was so motivating to do this pre launch! I couldn’t let the world get splinters.”

Today, she launched a Kickstarter campaign today aiming to raise $20,000.

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