Male Chinese Teacher Moonlights as a Hot Female Cosplayer, Gets Caught By His Students

A male teacher from Guangdong, China was discovered online by his students to be an incredibly deceptive female cosplayer.

The teacher, who goes by the Weibo username “Crome Moe,” was discovered online by a student who texted him to confirm asking, “Teacher… is this you!? Are you going to the comic convention tomorrow?”

While his story and amazing transformation into a weirdly attractive female cosplayer have since been featured on multiple sites, the teacher’s not-so-secret hobby reportedly hasn’t affected his professional or personal life as of yet.

But what does Crome Moe look like as himself? Here’s a small compilation of how he’s looked over the years:

Here’s what he looks like today:

While stories of deceptive transformations aren’t new to the internet, Crome Moe has certainly proven himself to be pro at what he does.

Source: RocketNews24
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