Crocs Releases a Shoe That Looks Like It Has Boba On It

crocs shoes

Crocs have come up with a new design that resembles boba pearls superglued on top of clogs.

The new footwear design, which the company calls “Classic Timeless Clash Pearls Clog,” was spotted in Crocs’ online store by Twitter user Vicky Vu, according to Design Taxi.

The thought process behind the design is unclear, but Design Taxi noted that the boba pearls or tapioca balls — described by the company as pearl charms” — may have been unintentional.

Several holes can be found on top of the original Crocs, but the “Classic Timeless Clash Pearls Clog” plugged the holes with metallic black balls that resemble tapioca balls found in milk tea.

The new Crocs originally retailed for $49.99, but the clog is currently on sale for $35.99.

Images via Crocs

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