Crocodile Show in China Goes Hilariously Wrong, But Not the Way You Think

This is the moment a crocodile show in Guangzhou, China heard terrified screams from the audience as one handler slipped into the reptiles’ pool.

In a video going viral this week, four staff members — three male handlers and a female host — are seen performing inside a crocodile enclosure.


At the center, one handler attempts to insert a yellow balloon into a croc’s mouth.

But just as everything seems to be going right, another handler standing on the side loses his balance and slips into the pool next to him.

The next few seconds is mayhem as all four performers scramble out of the show for their lives.

Meanwhile, terrified viewers scream while believing that the handler is under attack.

But as it turned out, there were no crocodiles out to get the handler, and the star reptile at the center of the show did not even move a muscle during the panic.

In fact, its mouth stayed open.

In the end, the audience found themselves laughing upon realizing that everything was a false alarm.

The video sparked discussions on Chinese social media, with some speculating that it may had been staged.

Still, many found the incident hilariously amusing.

“The crocodile is the most calm.”

“The crocodile is full of questions.”

“The handler’s teleportation skills are high.”

What do you think?

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