Cristiano Ronaldo Bought His Agent a Greek Island For His Wedding

If having soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo serve as the best man at your wedding wasn’t baller enough, he also gives the most outrageously amazing wedding gifts.

Ronaldo gifted his good friend and agent, Jorge Mendes, an entire island for his wedding on Sunday to Sandra Barbosa in Porto, Portugal, according to ESPN,

Rather than some standard kitchen gadget or tacky chip-dip tray, Ronaldo rolled into the wedding with a deed for a Greek island that cost anywhere between $3.2 million and $54.7 million — the country is selling off many of its islands to ameliorate their current financial crisis.

Ronaldo is the third highest paid athlete in the word behind Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, having generated $79.5 million in salary and endorsements in the past year alone according to Forbes. While the exact cost of the gift remains unknown, the island probably fell within the high single-digit to low double-digit millions.

Nobody gives the best wedding present and helps to fix a country’s debt crisis at the same time like Cristiano Ronaldo.

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