A Japanese Company Got Cristiano Ronaldo to Endorse This Bizarre Face Slimmer

A rather interesting commercial has surfaced showing soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo endorsing a strange flapping contraption for your mouth that’s meant to slim down your face.

It’s called the Facial Fitness Pao and commercials for it play on TV in Japan. The Pao, which is made by MTG, goes for just over $130 on Amazon and it seems reminiscent of the shake weight — only it’s for your face.

The thing is, while Ronaldo lends his sparkly-toothed mug for the commercial, he doesn’t ever actually use it. This is the furthest he’ll go with the Pao (not that he needs it):

In fact, it’s probably safe to say he thinks it’s pretty ridiculous based on his reaction of watching a television host use it:

His face says “I’m trying to be polite” but his rapid blinks clearly say, “Nah bruh.”

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has endorsed weird Asian fitness and beauty products. Getting sucked into doing these gigs must be the one drawback to being a beautiful human.

h/t: Mashable
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