Credit Suisse director fired after NYC Koreatown restaurant attack that left worker bloodied

  • Roman Cambell, a director at Credit Suisse, has reportedly been fired after attacking restaurant workers at Shanghai Mong in New York City’s Koreatown on June 4.
  • Security footage shows the moment Cambell purportedly tried to snatch the restaurant owner’s phone and began to engage with a waiter in a physical altercation.
  • The waiter suffered a bleeding forehead and has since been “traumatized” by the encounter, according to reports.
  • Police arrived on the scene shortly after the incident but only talked to Cambell, the restaurant owners’ daughter said.
  • In response to the incident, Credit Suisse said it “maintains and adheres to a policy condemning discrimination, bullying or violence of any kind.”
  • The incident is reportedly being investigated as an assault, but no arrests have been made at this time.

A director for Credit Suisse has reportedly been fired after attacking restaurant workers in New York City’s Koreatown earlier this month.

The incident, which was caught on multiple security cameras, occurred at Asian fusion eatery Shanghai Mong at West 32nd Street in the early morning of June 4.

Roman Cambell, who worked as a media and information services director for the Swiss bank, reportedly entered the restaurant to use the bathroom but was told it could only be used by customers.

Shanghai Mong owner Jane Yi said she explained the policy “nicely,” but Cambell became “crazy” and began filming the scene, the New York Post reported.

In a video of the security clips, Cambell can be seen attempting to snatch Yi’s phone after she began recording the situation herself. A waiter tries to intervene but is physically attacked by Cambell.

After being pulled away, Cambell can be seen snatching Yi’s phone and smashing it onto the ground. Police reportedly arrived shortly after but only talked to Cambell, even with the assaulted waiter bleeding from his forehead.

“My parents work seven days a week and they haven’t taken a vacation in six years. When the cops came they just talked to the guy and walked away,” Yi’s daughter, Sunabi, who first posted the video on TikTok, wrote on Instagram.

“Our waiter’s forehead was bleeding after the guy hit his head,” she added. “He grabbed my mom’s phone to break it and he didn’t get charged for anything.”

The waiter, identified as Jose Morales, has reportedly been traumatized by the incident. “He’s afraid to serve anyone who’s been drinking now,” Yi’s husband, Tora, told the Post.

The Post also reported that a source familiar with the incident revealed that Cambell had been fired after Credit Suisse became aware of the video. However, Cambell purportedly denies any wrongdoing, claiming that he was provoked after the waiter “sprained” his thumb.

“Credit Suisse is aware of the allegations circulating over social media, which occurred off property and are unrelated to Credit Suisse,” the company said in a statement. “Credit Suisse maintains and adheres to a policy condemning discrimination, bullying or violence of any kind.”

The family has since been in contact with New York police, but questions remain.

“The cops didn’t really ask us for the CCTV. They didn’t ask us for our perspective on the matter. They just talked to Roman, and that was really strange to my parents,” Sunabi told Insider.

The incident is now reportedly being investigated as an assault. No arrests have been made as of this writing.


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