Onlyfans creator claims having sex with Meta employees led to unbanning of her Instagram account 

Onlyfans creator claims having sex with Meta employees led to unbanning of her Instagram account 
Ryan General
May 20, 2022
An OnlyFans creator has claimed during a recent podcast appearance that she had sex with Meta employees to have her blocked Instagram account restored.
Kitty Lixo, who has a growing following on Instagram, made the shocking allegation on the “No Jumper” podcast. 
Podcast host Adam John Grandmaison uploaded the segment to Twitter with the caption “How to get your Instagram back if it gets deleted.”
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According to Lixo, her Instagram account got “shut down like three or four times,” so she slept with “multiple” employees from the company that owns Instagram, Facebook and other social media products. 
“All you have to do is have someone really, really like you,” the influencer can be heard saying in the clip, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times.
On Instagram, Lixo frequently linked her OnlyFans account, which has adult content. While it was not made clear what got her account blocked, Meta updated its community guidelines in Dec. 2020 to prohibit advertising adult content.
A Facebook spokesperson was quoted by Refinery29 last year as saying that “while OnlyFans isn’t a porn website, we know it can be used in that way, so we take action on accounts that share OnlyFans links when paired with other sexually suggestive content.”
“The first time I got my Instagram shut down, one of my friends, he works at Instagram, he’s a guy friend,” Lixo shared. “So I started sleeping with him to have him get my Instagram account back. And he did, which was really nice of him.”
Lixo shared that her friend from Instagram had earlier revealed to her “what the review process is like when you get your Instagram account shut down.”
“So, basically, he told me that the integrity department is up for reviews,” said the social media personality.
Lixo explained that Instagram’s review system implements a tedious process that involves multiple persons handling an account review.
“Every time they put in another review, it gets sent to a different person,” she explained. “In order to get it [the account] back if they deny you the first time, basically what a person has to do is keep trying, keep putting in reviews.” 
She stated that the goal is to get someone to like you and perhaps they’ll “rally for you and you’ll get your account back.”
Lixo then purportedly went digging on LinkedIn to find any connections in the integrity department. 
“I contacted them on Instagram through my backup and still slutty account,” said Lixo, who claimed she was able to reach some who knew her by her “Girls Gone Wireless” podcast.
“We met up and like I f*cked a couple of them, and I was able to get my account back like two or three times,” claimed Lixo.
Lixo told NextShark that she got her accounts back through “strategic relationships” and not through an “exchange.”
“There was no exchange. No quid pro quo. There was no coercion. I knew how the review process worked, I found people at IG, formed strategic relationships and got my accounts back.”
She revealed that her main account has been taken down three times, while her backup accounts “have been taken down more than I can count.”
Days after the interview went viral, her podcast page got taken down.
NextShark has reached out to Meta for comment on Lixo’s allegations.
Image via @adam22 (left) @kittylixo (right)
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