‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Cast and Director Buys Out Theater to Support John Cho’s ‘Searching’

Following a stellar box office opening weekend, “Crazy Rich Asians” leading actor Henry Golding and director Jon M. Chu are paying it forward to another Asian-led film by buying out a theater to promote the release of “Searching.”

What was she hiding? #SearchingMovie only in theaters this August!

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John Cho’s upcoming thriller “Searching” is set to open in select theaters on Aug. 24 before expanding to a wide release on Aug. 31.

“Me and @jonmchu were at the theatre surprising audience members, but had to stop off at a @johnthecho poster for @searchingmovie,” Golding wrote on his Instagram account Wednesday. “We both decided to buy out a cinema when it comes out and spread the support we have been receiving for CRA #GoldOpen… Can’t wait to see it, coming soon!! 🎥❤️”

Chu shared Golding’s post on Twitter, adding, @henrygolding and I are Excited to be Buying out a theater for #SearchingMovie starring our brother @JohnTheCho !! Go see this film!!! Fellow Trojan @aneeshchaganty directed it. #GoldOpen #AsianAugust.”

Chu also revealed that he and “Searching” director Aneesh Chaganty are both alums of the renowned School of Cinematic Arts at USC.

In response to the support, Chaganty retweeted Chu’s message, saying, “This is super super super awesome.”

Chaganty also shared an impassioned open letter to audiences who are still undecided whether to watch the movie or not.

“See it to support a dream. See it to support an original suspense film in a time when everything we get in theaters is a sequel, prequel, part of a universe or based on a smash-hit toy. See it to support the first mainstream thriller headlined by an Asian American. See it to support a normalization of culture, not a caricature of it,” Chaganty wrote. 

Meanwhile, Cho tweeted his appreciation for the gesture, saying “Aw, thanks fellas! ❤️ you really are crazy and rich!”

Featured Image via Instagram / henrygolding (Left), johnthecho (Right)

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