Babies Dressed as ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ for Halloween are Too Cute to Handle

Babies Dressed as ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ for Halloween are Too Cute to Handle
Elliot Sang
October 29, 2018
Breaking news: Images have surfaced of four adorable babies dressed as characters from “Crazy Rich Asians.”
The images were uploaded to Instagram by Jessica Gueco Klein, who runs a blog entitled The Adventures of Yoshi in which she often discusses her children and motherhood.
The post has since accrued over three thousand likes, including comments from onlookers who could not handle the cuteness:
“OMG!!! This is so awesome. Cuteness overload”
“going viral!!! these are the best halloween costumes”
“All the kids are so damn perfect but that baby Bernard Tai is killing me”
Jessica Gueco spoke with NextShark about the pictures, the mothers of these amazing babies (they’re not all Jessica’s!), and the reasoning behind picking “Crazy Rich Asians” as source material for their Halloween getups.
“Each of the kids have their own set of parents!” Jessica told NextShark. We are a group of working moms who had our babies all around the same time. We work in the advertising, tech, interior design and fashion industries.”
The origins of the idea come from a group chat between the four mothers. “We have a group text message going for a while for our ‘JV (Junior Varsity) Squad’ (there’s an older ‘Varsity’ crew of kids in our group of friends), and we had all watched the movie and were thinking of doing a fun group costume – of course this was the winner since 1) they’re all Asian (or part); 2) there’s enough characters for us to replicate!”
The post is a highlight in a trend of social media posts featuring all sorts of “Crazy Rich Asians” inspired outfits, many of which were recorded in a HuffPost article from October 29. Here’s another example of an outrageously cute baby dressed as Constance Wu’s character from the summer hit:
Featured image from sleepydto on Instagram
When asked if the four children in Jessica’s photos had seen the movie, she told us: “They’re only 1 year old so they haven’t been able to fully enjoy the movie theme, but we as parents can only hope our kids will love the movie as much as we do (and then become their own crazy rich Asian so we can all retire early)!”
On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute are these babies, and why exactly is it 10?
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