Crazed Woman in China Randomly Bites Fellow Passenger’s Face on Train

Crazed Woman in China Randomly Bites Fellow Passenger’s Face on Train
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 19, 2018
An elderly man was rushed to a hospital after a bizarre incident with a crazed woman inside a subway train in China.
The victim, identified as a 56-year-old man surnamed Gao, was minding his own business during his afternoon commute when a woman suddenly jumped on him and bit his face, Shanghaiist reports.
Video footage of the incident has gone viral on local social media showing the woman, who authorities later identified as a 36-year-old surnamed Li, latching on to the face of the passenger inside Line 3 of the Chongqing Metro at around 1 p.m. on Wednesday.
The man is seen crying in pain as he struggled to remove the woman off of him. He was only able to get her off by knocking her over the head. With his face already covered in blood, the man escaped to another car as the woman tried to chase after him.
The woman eventually stopped and had an apparent mental breakdown on the floor. She then stripped all her clothes off and stood there naked.
Li was apprehended by subway authorities while Gao was immediately brought to the hospital for treatment.
Local reports revealed that the woman had a fight with her husband earlier which apparently caused her to have a mental breakdown.
Featured Image via YouTube / Netizen Watch
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