Crate of Special Japanese Oranges Sells for $9,600 at Auction


A crate containing 100 oranges has been sold for one million yen (more than $9,600) at an auction in Japan.

Some fancy fruit: The still-unnamed bidder purchased a 20-kilogram (44-pound) crate of Japanese mandarins (mikan) at the Ota Market in Tokyo where the popular citrus species was auctioned off for the first time this year on Thursday, CNN reported.


  • A semi-seedless citrus species of the satsuma mandarin oranges are produced in the region of Nishiuwa in Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku island. 
  • Nishiuwa mandarins are sought after for its rich, sweet flavors with a texture that melts in the mouth.
  • Hinomaru, which is among Nishiuwa’s leading mikan brands, is the most expensive in the market as they are produced in limited areas, with only about 100 farmers producing it.
  • “It’s a mikan that is grown with so-called three suns — the actual sun, the reflected light from the sea and the reflected light from the stone walls of the terraced fields,” said Shin Asai, a representative from JA Nishiuwa’s sales department.
  • Normally, 10 kilograms (22 pounds) worth of this high-end mandarin costs around 7,800 Japanese yen (or $75).


Starting high: The Nishiuwa agricultural association revealed that the unusually high bid for the crate was a “celebratory price,” marking the start of the mikan season. 

  • “Since the quality of the fruit of each year is evaluated at the first auction, it will greatly affect the subsequent sales,” Asai was quoted as saying. 
  • Last year, a supermarket purchased the oranges at a high price as a form of publicity for the store.
  • This is why Asai believes the new high bidder may reveal their identity soon.

Feature Image via PR Times

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