Genius Bro Replaces His Volvo 240’s Door Chime With Toto’s ‘Africa’

Toto Africa

A Volvo classic car owner recently went viral after swapping his car’s grating door chime for an 8-bit instrumental version of Toto’s 1982 hit “Africa”.

Among the memorable gems from the rock era of the ’80s, “Africa” recently re-emerged as the internet’s anthem. Hacking his equally iconic Volvo 240, Chris Ng modified the plug-in sound module located under the car’s dash to make the door chime play a simplified version of the song.

In an interview with Jalopnik, Ng said he simply recorded the song straight to the new module and then rewired it into the door’s circuitry. He even set the song play on for a longer period to extend that nostalgic moment.

Ng posted a video of his brilliant retro chime on Facebook and YouTube, which instantly became widely shared on social media.

According to Ng, he is planning to start a Kickstarter for a small number of cheap, universal modules so others can make their own modified chime.

Here’s the original song in full…

…and then here’s the version Ng used for his rig:

As one of the most reliable cars ever built, the Volvo 240 is still on the road used by  2.8 million drivers some 40 years after its introduction.

Featured image via YouTube / TotoVEVO

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