Cowardly Grad Student Beats Female Classmate For Proving Him Wrong in Class

Cowardly Grad Student Beats Female Classmate For Proving Him Wrong in Class
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
January 6, 2017
After being proven wrong in an in-class debate by a female classmate, a male Chinese post-graduate student at the Shanghai University of Sport decided to get even after class with one despicable act.
According to Shanghaiist, the female student had apparently proven him wrong in class, making him feel like a fool. Rather than accepting the superior logic of his classmate, the coward chose to get physical by punching his female classmate from behind and kicking her while she was on the ground. Some arguing ensued and he kicked her once again.
Unsurprisingly, the video has gone viral on Chinese social media, outraging many who are now demanding the student be expelled and jailed for assault.
The woman also told authorities that before the incident, she had never talked to or had any dispute with the male classmate.
The university has since responded with a vague and unsatisfying announcement. Apparently, the woman was taken to the hospital with no reported injuries. The male student visited and apologized in person, but his fate is now in the hands of the university which will handle the case according to school regulations following an investigation.
Regardless of the university’s actions, using violence against someone whose back is turned because they challenged an opinion in an academic debate is flat out disgusting. We hope this pathetic excuse for a human being meets justice.
Watch the full video below (Warning, it may be graphic to some):
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