Debunked: Viral video showing Chinese woman fainting from COVID-19 vaccination

covid debunked video

A viral video purporting to show a young girl in China collapsing after receiving a COVID-19 vaccination actually dates back to 2018, before the pandemic began. 

  • The video, which contains disturbing images of a young girl collapsing and subsequently receiving CPR, was shared on Twitter in November.
  • A caption written in Chinese and translated by Agence France-Presse (AFP) read: “A little girl in China suddenly fell to the ground and a warm-hearted person gave her first aid. Is it another phenomenon caused by Covid-19 vaccination?”
  • AFP debunked the anti-vax claims in the video caption, using reverse search to show that the video had in fact emerged from China in 2018.
  • The video appears to have been taken in May 2018 in Qingdao Province, China, and depicts an 11-year-old girl who fainted on the roadside. She was later confirmed to have recovered.

Multiple social media accounts reposted the video, which gained thousands of views, all with the same anti-vaccination explanation.

Featured Image via Twitter

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