Asian American COVID-19 Patients Have Higher Mortality Rate Than Others

Asian American COVID-19 Patients Have Higher Mortality Rate Than OthersAsian American COVID-19 Patients Have Higher Mortality Rate Than Others
Ryan General
July 14, 2020
New research has found the COVID-19 death rate of Asian Americans is three times higher than the general population in cities where they make up at least 5% of the population.
The report by Health Affairs cited Asians who were living in California is 8.4%, significantly higher than the 2.6% rate of the overall living population. The figure is even higher in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and New Jersey which is over 10% of Asians living in those major cities.
Meanwhile, in Clark County, the mortality rate for Asian Americans is 16.8%. Asians comprise 10.4% of the population in the Nevada county where Las Vegas is situated.
According to the report by Health Affairs, Asian Americans face a higher risk of death from COVID-19 due to socio-economic factors, medical conditions or a combination of both. The scientists also cited the lack of sufficient testing in the community as a possible reason for this. 
In Los Angeles, Illinois and other areas where testing is available, a very small percentage of Asian Americans receive them.
Researchers noted that the lack of data makes it difficult to determine exactly what’s behind the findings.
The death rate from COVID-19 among Asians with dementia in California’s Santa Clara County is 11% against those 3% without the condition. Meanwhile, those with cerebrovascular disease have a death rate of 11% compared to the 5% without.
The report pointed out the importance of raising awareness on higher case fatality as a means to advocate for Asian Americans and other communities.
Authors of the findings also suggested measures to curb the high mortality rate among Asians including, “monitoring and addressing delays in presentation to care, demanding accountability from public health officials, and encouraging testing for COVID-19 when appropriate.”
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