20 Couples Recreate Their Old Photos — Proves That True Love Can Last Forever

20 Couples Recreate Their Old Photos — Proves That True Love Can Last Forever
Editorial Staff
May 23, 2016
“Alex Best, 24, was 13 when she fell in love at first sight with Adam, also 24. They’re now married and have a son.”
Alex Best
“One Of My Best Friends Married The Girl Of His Dreams, They Met When They Were 3”
Then and now.
This Couple Recreate Their Wedding Day After 70 Years
 My Grandparents On Their Wedding Day And 60th Anniversary
My Wife Might Be A Vampire. Almost 20 Years Later, Wearing The Exact Same Dress
Senior Couple Recreates Their Old Photo
My Parents Passed Through San Francisco On Their Honeymoon In 1982, And 32 Years Later
My Parents Recreate Picture 32 Years Later. Still In Love
I Convinced My Parents To Reenact Their Wedding Photo 45 Years Later, Including The Same Dress
Katie Met Joseph At Primary School. Now They Are Married And Have A Son
Katie Brindley
Flower Girl And Ring Bearer (In 1995) Get Married 20 Years Later
Some Friends Of Mine In 1988 And Then 2014. They’re By Far The Most Awesome Couple I Know
Here We Are, Almost 44 Years After Our Wedding. To My Amazement, The Wedding Dress Still Fits. 1971 And 2015
My Grandmother Wearing Her Original Wedding Dress On Her 60th Anniversary With My Grandfather
Aubrey And Mike Were Born Only 11 Days Apart In 1989. They Started Dating In 2012, And Got Married In July, 2015
Audrey and Mike
My Parents At Their Wedding In 1982 And At My Sister’s Wedding
My Grandparents. Then And Now
My Grandparents On Their Wedding Night, And 60 Years Later
Couple Celebrates 40th Anniversary By Recreating Their Wedding Pics From 1975
My Parents 1970 & 2010, Buenos Aires
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