Couple’s Engagement Photo Mocked By Trolls On Instagram Over ‘Small’ Ring

Couple’s Engagement Photo Mocked By Trolls On Instagram Over ‘Small’ RingCouple’s Engagement Photo Mocked By Trolls On Instagram Over ‘Small’ Ring
A couple celebrated their recent engagement by sharing their moment on social media, 
New York-based Filipino food bloggers Jen Phanomrat and Leo Samanamud, who run the YouTube channel Just Eat Life together, recently got engaged after being together for almost a decade.
The bride-to-be showed off her gold ring with a small pearl to her 66,500 followers on Instagram earlier this month, saying: “9 years later, I said YES to my best friend!”
However, rude netizens began flooding the post with nasty comments:
“Awww cute. Where’s the ring?” one commenter wrote.
“It just seems like he went into the store like ‘show the smallest ring ever made,” a person added.
“It must suck to wait 9 years for a ring that looks like that,” one user chimed in.
“My best friend would at least know my ring size, especially after nine years,” commented another.
While Phanomrat noted that she and her fiancé have already been accustomed to online trolls on their YouTube channel, the volume of mean comments they received on an innocent photo still came as a shock.  
“I’ve always been an advocate for women supporting women, so I was shocked to see so many females wasting their time replying to each other to dampen our happy moment,” she told Yahoo.
Although Phanomrat has decided to delete the negative comments, she wanted to point out that for her, the ring was just the right size.
“I don’t usually wear any jewelry, but when I do, it’s simple and minimal,” she said.
“What mattered to me the most was the tiny detail on the inside of the ring. He asked the ring maker to inscribe the initials of our nicknames for each other. I swear I thought I was floating in the air when he pointed it out. My heart smiles every time I see it,” she was quoted as saying.
Many of Phanomrat’s also defended the couple from the trolls, pointing out that the happiness of the pair is more than enough reason to celebrate.
Phanomrat stressed that as a couple, they prefer to value experiences more than material things.
“We encourage others to think about how they measure value in life. We made it our priority to travel around the world, eat bucket list foods, and experience dream adventures together. That’s all we’ve ever wanted and will continue to do, ring or no ring.”
Featured image via Instagram/jeneatslife
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