Couple Requests One Jeff Goldblum Photo in Their Room, Singapore Hotel Goes Full Goldblum

Hollywood star and blessing from the universe Jeff Goldblum has earned the reputation of being the epitome of cool for saving the world multiple times — in his mega-blockbuster movies, at least.  

jeff goldblum instagram
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So when a visiting couple at the Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel in Singapore made a request via email to place the 65-year-old actor’s photo next to their bed, the hotel delightfully obliged.

jeff goldblum instagram
via Imgur / cornwallis1

While the hotel staff was not able to place the specifically requested image…

jeff goldblum instagram
via Imgur / cornwallis1

…they more than made up for it by placing multiple photos of Goldblum across the room.

The couple, who were “surprised and delighted by the hotel’s gesture”, found a Goldblum (the real one) in practically every direction they looked upon entering their room, according to The Straits Times.  

One Goldblum greeted them in the hallway:

Another one was grinning above the TV:

There is even one in the bathroom:

Their pillow was also specially adorned with a photo collage of the actor:

Naturally, the guests shared their amazing Goldblum-y experience on image-sharing site Imgur.

“Our guests come from all over the world, and we will always do our best to accede to their requests and to create brilliant and memorable experiences for our guests,” Daniel Burstein, the hotel’s director of operations, told the Straits Times.

“We will try our best not to say no. If it’s something we can’t find or are unable to do, we will find an alternative.”

We’re sure Goldblum himself would approve!

Jeff Goldblum Gif

Featured image via Imgur / cornwallis1

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