Couple Finally Gets Baby After Trying For 11 Years, Mom Slips into a Coma Shortly After

Couple Finally Gets Baby After Trying For 11 Years, Mom Slips into a Coma Shortly After
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 29, 2017
A couple in Singapore, who have been waiting for a baby for more than a decade now, recently got their first child, albeit at a terrible price.
Eleven years into their marriage, a 36-year-old new mother gave birth to a premature baby daughter and then tragically fell into a coma.
According to AsiaOne, the unnamed woman had gone to see her gynecologist on Tuesday after developing a fever, thinking that what she felt was merely normal flu.
In a recent interview, her brother revealed how she had felt nauseous and threw up multiple times.  

At the hospital, she was later told that her blood pressure has become abnormally high and that the heartbeat of her fetus has slowed down.

Following her gynecologist’s suggestion, she was transferred immediately to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“The doctors told my sister that they had to do a C-section immediately to remove the baby or both she and the baby would be in danger,” the brother was quoted as saying.
He added that the baby was born prematurely and weighed only 800g. The infant, who was immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), is currently in stable condition.
The baby’s mother, however, remains in danger as it was found that a bacterial infection has led to her liver failure.

“On the day when she gave birth, she was still talking with us, but suddenly became so quiet that evening. She fell into a coma the following evening,” her brother explained.

He noted that while his sister had suffered from Hepatitis B in the past, she was very healthy before she got pregnant.
The woman’s family is now in search for a liver donor as the doctors have deemed it necessary for a transplant to keep her alive.
Feature Image via  Lianhe Wanbao
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