Costco is Selling MASSIVE Lobster Claws and Asian Moms Are Already on the Way

Costco is selling massive lobster claws at some of their branches in California and for cheap, combining two things Asians everywhere can appreciate — seafood and a good deal.

Certain Costco branches are selling lobster claws that are larger than a grown man’s hands, according to FoodBeast.

While the claws vary in size, they tend to weigh about 2 to 7 pounds. Images posted on Instagram show claws weighing over 4 pounds selling for less than $50, a good deal considering market price for lobster runs from $12-$15 a pound.

It is not clear if the massive claws are being offered at other branches of Costco, but most of the posts on social media have been geotagged in California.

Nobody seems to know when Costcos in California started selling these huge claws.

Users on Reddit, however, mentioned that similar posts go as far back as around January 2019.

Featured Image via Instagram / julesfood

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