Japanese Cosplayer Blocks Fan on Twitter When She Wouldn’t Stop Playing With His Nipples

An encounter with a touchy female fan left one male Japanese cosplayer no choice but to block her on social media.

Twitter user JPparkGuardian (サーバル様) is a musclebound cosplayer who frequents anime/manga events to share his unique take on popular characters.

With his toned physique, he doesn’t need to show his face as he just wears a mask portraying his subject and puts on a costume when he cosplays.

In this quirky take on serval girl Serval-chan from “Kemono Friends,” he uses a paper cut-out of the character’s face over his own and puts on a skirt with leopard prints.

Check out another bare-chested get up with his “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” cosplay.

But while he is often shirtless in the events he participates in, サーバル様 explains that it doesn’t mean fans can touch or play with his body as they please.

In a series of tweets, he recounted how a fan harassed him at an event and why he was forced to block her on Twitter. He also reminded his followers why it is disrespectful to touch someone’s nipples without permission.

SoraNews24 translated his tweet as follows:

“I usually don’t soft block people on Twitter, but yesterday I took part in a cosplay event. Afterward, I was talking with a woman I’d never met before, and she said ‘Please let me touch your chest muscles,’ so I let her.

While she was touching them, she started searching around with her fingertips, and then she started playing with my nipples. ‘Stop it’ I cautioned her while laughing, but she kept on bellowing with laughter.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, that’s being too disrespectful, and so I’ve cut off all contact with her.”

He also noted how puzzling the woman’s behavior was, considering the story she told him before she became all touchy.

“She’d been talking about how she didn’t like that some male photographers and male cosplayers had stalked or sexually harassed her, but what did she think she was doing [to me]?”

Out of respect, @JPparkGuardian did not mention the woman by name, noting that he only wants her to realize that “what she did was out of line.”

Featured Image via Twitter / JPparkGuardian

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