Cosplayer Attacked By Racist Trolls After Naughty Dog Tweets Her Ellie Cosplay

The cosplay community, for the most part, is a safe haven for people who want to express their artistic side or even the place that they could use to regain the confidence they lost.

There are cases, however, when things go out of hand like what is currently happening right now with Asian cosplayer Bleu after Naughty Dog posted her Ellie cosplay on its official Twitter account.

The cosplay picture, which was posted earlier on Monday, drew a lot of hateful, racist comment targetting Bleu and her take on Ellie, one of the main protagonists of the hit 2013 PlayStation 4 exclusive game “The Last of Us,” Metro reported.


via Twitter / Ibelinn

via Twitter / Ibelinn

If you think the extremely offensive comments couldn’t get any worse than those, you’re in for a shock.

via Twitter / Ibelinn

While all of this happening, Naughty Dog is oddly quiet in the background as people continue to post hateful comments about Bleu and her Ellie cosplay. Some even called out the company for their lack of response to the abusive racist comments.

One person even called out Israeli-American writer and Vice President of Naughty Dog Neil Druckmann to take notice of what’s happening.

Despite the tens of hundreds of nasty comments, there are still a lot of people who showed their support and love for Bleu and her Ellie cosplay.

You know you’ve done a mighty fine job when someone from another game company comments on your cosplay.

Both Naughty Dog and Druckmann have yet to release any comments regarding the abusive racist comments left by many people in the Twitter post.

Featured image via Twitter / Naughty_Dog

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